Analyzing Photos on

Social Media to Profile

Your Fans & Consumers

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develops and customizes

artificial intelligence

for various business purposes.

Technical Solution

Image Recognition

・Recognizing logos, products,
scenario and profiling persons
・Customized solution

Data Mining and Analysis

・Pattern Recognition
・Data Clustering


・Support and consulting for
Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning

Business solution

Marketing Support

・Related products recommendation
・Advertisement ROI analysis

Market Research

・Consumer behaviour analysis
・Analysis consulting
・Product analysis

Security and Monitoring

・Automatic License Plate Recognition (ALPR)
 ・Surveillance Camera Monitoring

Social Media Analytics using Image Recognition

We analyze consumer behaviours based on photos on the social media.
Such information helps brands and marketers understand their customers and develop better products.

We started developing our own technology over 4 years ago.
The image recognition and analysis technology we developed is highly customized and best fitted for social media analysis.
Further customizations are available upon request.

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