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AI x Big Data x Image Analysis

We provide AI solutions tailored to customer needs in various processes, from modeling to systematization and service deployment, using our proprietary AI algorithms developed in-house.

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Strengths of

Possessing In-house Developed AI Algorithms

We own proprietary AI algorithms developed in-house. Many IT companies implement using open-source AI libraries such as TensorFlow as is, but at, we can fine-tune AI implementation because we own our own AI algorithms built through years of research and development.

Image Analysis Capable of Low-Quality Images, Rich Knowledge of Camera Equipment

In the field of image analysis, we have proprietary image analysis technology that can analyze even low-quality images (patented in Japan and the US). Also, because we have deep knowledge of the camera equipment itself, we can create and select camera equipment suitable for capturing images to be analyzed according to the application and location.

Rich Experience and Track Record

We have a track record of supporting many large and medium-sized companies and have solved AI-related issues in various cases. We propose the best solution according to the customer's environment and purpose, making use of our rich experience.

AI Use Cases of

Automatic Classification of Image Data

Automatically classify based on features in the image

Posture Detection

Detection and analysis of specific postures and getting up

Face Recognition

Entrance and attendance management by face recognition

Text Analysis (OCR)

Automation of document reading

Image Generation

Generate images using AI (image actually generated shown above)


Perform pixel interpolation to convert low-resolution images to high-resolution

Noise Removal

Remove noise with a rough texture on the image

Good/Bad Product Judgment

Determine and sort good/bad products on factory lines, etc.

Medical Image Diagnosis

Analyze images such as X-rays, CT scans, and endoscopes using AI

Autonomous Driving

Providing solutions towards the realization of Level 4 autonomous driving

Optimization of Factory Production

Determination of data characteristics and outliers using AI

AI Monitoring and Inspection

Analysis of monitor and meter reading data

Demand and Supply Forecasting

Analysis of sales and demand sharing data using AI


Real-time monitoring of operational status

Natural Language Processing

Sentiment analysis from text information and creation of chatbots