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We support your entry into Web3-related businesses and provide solutions utilizing blockchain technology.

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Strengths of edison.ai

Reflecting the Latest Information

As the speed of technological change in this field is remarkably fast, there are limitations to information gathering in Japanese only. Our company uses English as the official language, and our engineers belong directly to overseas blockchain-related communities, actively collecting cutting-edge information in English and Chinese, enabling us to build higher quality solutions.

A Group of Engineers with Extensive Knowledge of Cryptocurrency Market and Finance

When building solutions on the blockchain, it is essential to link with cryptocurrencies, so it is necessary to understand the trends and mechanisms of the cryptocurrency market. Our company has experts who have been involved in the construction of financial systems at financial institutions for many years and oversee the blockchain field, so we can propose and provide solutions considering both the technical and financial (cryptocurrency market) aspects.

Data Analysis on the Blockchain Using AI

At our company, we actively undertake advanced initiatives such as using our proprietary AI algorithms to analyze data on the blockchain.

Web3 Services by edison.ai

Application Development in the Web3 Domain and Support for Introduction and Utilization

Consulting for Companies Considering Entry into the Web3 Domain

Token & NFT Issuance Agency, Contract Creation Agency

Data Analysis on the Blockchain